Ladan Zadfar and Mohammad Farshad Icy Galaxy Ice Mold
Icy Galaxy Ice Mold is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Category.
Icy Galaxy Ice Mold

Nature has always been one of the most important sources of inspiration for designers. The idea came to designers' minds by looking into the space and the image of Milk Way Galaxy.The most important aspect in this design was to create a unique form. Many designs that are in the market focus on making the most clear ice but in this presented design, the designers intentionally focused on the forms which are made by the minerals while the water turns into ice, to be more clear the designers transformed a natural defect into a beautiful effect. This design creates a spiral spherical form.

Icy Galaxy Ice Mold
Ladan Zadfar and Mohammad Farshad Icy Galaxy
Ladan Zadfar and Mohammad Farshad Ice Mold
Ladan Zadfar and Mohammad Farshad design
Ladan Zadfar and Mohammad Farshad design
Ladan Zadfar and Mohammad Farshad

Ladan Zadfar and Mohammad Farshad are two designers that work together as a group .They are really passionate about designing products that bring the beauty hidden around into people's daily lives . They wish to make a change and if possible do something to solve people's problems and difficulties .Their philosophy is based on the development of very simple concepts , all of them inspired by little flaws in the world around and needs of this generation . Their designs are based on their believes and their way of consulting the world.

Creator studio

Creator studio is a design studio which was established in 2012 .Creator studio is not like other design studios , it is different in all ways . We work as a group and we are connected to each other . We are not anticipating the future , we are creating it . We mostly care about making people's lives easier and healthier . We do not believe in human's limits , we believe that there are no limitations for imagination and innovation . We look at the world the way it really is not the way we think it is so we are able to see the flaws and try to fix them .