Rita Kettaneh Palette Table
Palette Table is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Palette Table

Palette is a coffee table for mixing colors inspired by the Homage to the Square series of Josef Albers. Transfering the squares into three dimensional space, it invites the user to participate in the color experiments of the Bauhaus icon. New color mixes are created when the top layers are interchanged among tables in simple sliding motions like platters to serve color. Dynamic and playful, Palette empowers the user to adapt it to their mood and refresh their space in easy steps. It is also modular as multiple tables may be arranged side by side to form a larger coffee table.

Palette Table
Rita Kettaneh Palette
Rita Kettaneh Table
Rita Kettaneh design
Rita Kettaneh design
Rita Kettaneh

Rita Kettaneh designs furniture that is unique, playful and meaningful. She seeks to make the experience of owning furniture an inspiring one where pieces evoke an emotion within their users and tell a story that is personal to each one of them. With an engineering foundation, an entrepreneurial specialization, and experience in marketing and design, she brings in a multitude of perspectives. This allows her to design furniture pieces that connect well with the person and with the market. Rita won the A’ Design Award in 2018 for her design The Crystal Tables and she has participated in exhibitions in Como, Beirut, Dubai, and Berlin.

KRAY Studio

KRAY Studio is a new furniture brand by Rita Kettaneh that has its essence in meaning and beauty. The vision is to ignite connections between the furniture pieces and their users. A young and ambitious brand, KRAY Studio has a new take on luxury, that is socially aware, spacially smart, all the while being fresh and contemporary. Through collaborating with local fabricators and craftsmen, its high end pieces are produced by combining industrial methods with top notch craftsmanship that preserves the delicateness of the human touch. The debut collection "The Crystal Tables" has been well received at various design weeks spanning Beirut, Berlin, and Dubai and has appeared in multiple press features.