Justin Wheatcroft and Jose Ballesteros Limonio Dining Chair
Limonio Dining Chair is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Limonio Dining Chair

The fine balance of its delicate sections, straight lines and sturdy stance juxtapose with a biomorphic shaped backrest that gives this piece a very human quality. The Limonio dining chair combines strength, lightness, grace and modernity. Added to this the Limonio mixes and plays with both craft through its brass and timber detailing and with simplicity. The final and defining touch is Levity.

Limonio Dining Chair
Justin Wheatcroft and Jose Ballesteros Limonio
Justin Wheatcroft and Jose Ballesteros Dining Chair
Justin Wheatcroft and Jose Ballesteros design
Justin Wheatcroft and Jose Ballesteros design
Justin Wheatcroft and Jose Ballesteros

As the co-founder (with Edward Stoddart) of Square Roots, I have been lucky enough to lead and collaborate with many talented and dedicated individuals. We have brought a large number of original designs to the marketplace. These products have enjoyed distribution in every continent. Moreover, these products have not followed or aped market trends. We have always strived to impart our own spirit into our work and marry artisanal processes with both traditional and modern materials.

Square Roots

Square Roots is the union of two people, Edward Stoddart and Justin Wheatcroft. Square Roots offers niche designs in small to medium batch production that do not conform to norms. It is inspired by the Brazilian mid 20th Century design movement that places greater importance upon diversity, materials and craft over the European equivalent that is more process and technology driven. Square Roots supplies a wide portfolio of products and carries the full array of production skills leaning largely upon traditional artisan methods. It aims to be humble and lets its materials, forms and details speak for themselves. It sees humor everywhere and creates interest through diversity rather than conformity. Square Roots mission is not merely the creation of unique pieces of furniture that will be treasures by generations, but the establishment of a workplace to uplift its employees and provide a vision of a forward looking enterprise.