Rae Tsai, Jimmy Ko Undulating Flow Residence
Undulating Flow Residence is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Undulating Flow Residence

This apartment brings Asian aesthetics as well as western themes to highlight the bounties of client’s world travels creating a welcoming space highlighting special memories of the clients through designs incorporating their favorite safari motifs of the lion and the giraffe. Blending the bold aesthetics, the space welcomes guests with comfortable, warm tones, while presenting the dignified, classic Chinese notes of lacquer and door pulls and western culture with its cherub-topped highly ornate guilt Belgian grandfather clock.

Undulating Flow Residence
Rae Tsai, Jimmy Ko Undulating Flow
Rae Tsai, Jimmy Ko Residence
Rae Tsai, Jimmy Ko design
Rae Tsai, Jimmy Ko design
Urbesign Interior Design

In 2014, Urbesign was founded by two architects who were annoyed by the market emphasizing on the skin of the building instead of the space usage. Why? Is it really what the life essence should be? The two young architects started to put their belief into practice. They look forward to the day when there is no longer a boundary between exterior and interior, but integrated design for people to live.