Britta Schwalm Mystery and Confession Rings
Mystery and Confession Rings is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Mystery and Confession Rings

The heart is considered the symbol of love. Newly developed is the variety, to make emotion hidden inside the ring. As a result, the unique feel is overwhelming when worn, the emotion is literally tangible and therefore becomes the confirmation of the person who wears the ring, whether open or in secret. The rings are a means to feel and preserve these loving feelings, emotionally in the heart as well as physically on the finger.

Mystery and Confession Rings
Britta Schwalm Mystery and Confession
Britta Schwalm Rings
Britta Schwalm design
Britta Schwalm design
Britta Schwalm

Britta Schwalm is an experienced goldsmith and graphic designer. She is working with heart and soul. As a goldsmith she is specialised in making jewellerydesign in customer request and upcycling. The project "Blessed child" combines the skills of both of her professions in a unique way. Basic part in the manufacturing process is modern 3D technology. She is part of german TV docutainment "Hallo Schatz" as the expert for jewellry because she is an upcycling specialist.


Brittas Schmiede is a goldsmith-studio specialised to custom-made jewellery of very high quality. All designs are unique and elaborated together with - or especial for the customer. Sometimes the materials are given by the customers to up cycle it. Several design prices and nominations give proof of the high standards Brittas Schmiede has: A'Design Award, Benvenuto Cellini-Medal, Award of European Academy of Jewellers, goldsmiths and silversmiths and Nominated for HRD and awarded by German Design Award.