Boney Keriwala Wrapped Volumes Sales Office
Wrapped Volumes Sales Office is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Wrapped Volumes Sales Office

Located on outskirts of an industrial city, Wrapped Volumes caters as a sales pavilion for a developer's residential project. Without any evident immediate context, the pavilion takes its cues from the connecting road. Designers transformed this progressive movement of the road along with the site into a harmonious wrapped geometry. As a result, the structure elevates itself from the ground. Some parts of this wrap form a landscape layer and other protective skin on the south. The pavilion weaves the landscape and structure, engaging an individual to transcend from exterior to interior spaces.

Wrapped Volumes Sales Office
Boney Keriwala Wrapped Volumes
Boney Keriwala Sales Office
Boney Keriwala design
Boney Keriwala design
The BAD Studio

Brief:The B.A.D Studio is multidisciplinary practice operating in the field of Art, Architecture and Interior designs, by creating a dialogue through computational design techniques, actively keeping in mind the social, cultural and contextual aspects. The B.A.D Studio is a brainchild of Ar. Boney Keriwala and Ar. Alak Parmar. The duo founded The B.A.D Studio in the year 2018. Since its inception; the firm is actively associated with residential and commercial architecture, Interiors, art projects, pavilion designs etc. The firm actively participates in numerous design competitions and have won notable awards.