Cai Shang Yuntu Banquet Restaurant
Yuntu Banquet Restaurant is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Yuntu Banquet Restaurant

In addition to the rational spatial planning and setting of motion lines, the designer adopts the most representative freehand brushwork techniques in the painting and calligraphy of the Song Dynasty in the space design to build an illusory land of great void with mountains, sea, clouds, moonlight and flowers. In color matching, the designer uses azure as the main color and added black and white to create a sense of space that is ethereal, clean and rich in the aesthetic features of the Song Dynasty in China.

Yuntu Banquet Restaurant
Cai Shang Yuntu
Cai Shang Banquet Restaurant
Cai Shang design
Cai Shang design
Cai Shang

Cai Shang , the design director of Chongqing Caishang Interior Design Firm. He is keen on deisgn, loves travelling, advocates the space design of personality, simplicity and nature. He designs a lot of well-known projects such as Yunxi and Yuntu. His ardudous working attitude makes him reliable to his clients. when designing, he mostly use original building materials to create a natural and elegant accommodation environment relying on natural landforms and saves not only cost but aslo creates sense of comfort and joy.


The project is a banquet restaurant and is mainly used for holding wedding banquet and fashion parties. Compared with general restaurants, this project requires stronger visual effects and sense of ceremony. The designer expresses the painting art of the Song Dynasty in space to create a unique spatial temperament.