Christine Adel Save The Turtle Puzzle
Save The Turtle Puzzle is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
Save The Turtle Puzzle

“Save The Turtle” introduces to 4 -to 8 years old children the harmful impact of plastic on the sea and sea creatures simply and entertainingly through a maze puzzle. Children play different quizzes and win by moving the sea turtle through the path until it reaches a safe place. Repeating and solving multiple quizzes encourages children to change their behavior towards the use of plastic and reinforces the idea.

Save The Turtle Puzzle
Christine Adel Save The Turtle
Christine Adel Puzzle
Christine Adel design
Christine Adel design
Christine Adel

Christine is passionate graphic designer, art director and a full time mommy struggling to find balance between her two seperate worlds. After graduation deciding on a design path in her homeland was a rough choice, given design is still at its very early stages in Egypt. However the choice was made to dig her own path and choose an unfamiliar route.

Zagazoo Busy Bag

Zagazoo Busy Bag is a brand specialized in creating toddlers and children's edutainment products such as games, stories, activity books packed in a bag, called the busy bag. All the game designs and ideas are exclusive. Its main goal is to "edutain" children out of their homes while keeping them entertained, engaged and learning at the same time away from screens.