Zhixue Wei Wuxing Youxing Office
Wuxing Youxing Office is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Wuxing Youxing Office

The partial hollow technique integrates the relationship of the three floors into a large space, making the overall structure closer and the vision more open from convergence; it also makes the space and the building more conversational, realizing different degrees of interactive communication and independent operation. As the core of the whole space, stairs combine several independent spaces organically. The geometric shape of the edge light belt echoes the division of the interior space, and the design of the electric skylight meets the needs of lighting and traffic.

Wuxing Youxing Office
Zhixue Wei Wuxing Youxing
Zhixue Wei Office
Zhixue Wei design
Zhixue Wei design
Zhixue Wei

Zhixue Wei, young interior designer, designdirector of Wuxing Youxing Space Design. In 2003, he graduated from the Environmental Art majorof Shenyang University of Technology, and has been engaged in the design industry for nearly ten years. He has completed many high complexity design projects, and won unanimous praise in the industry with professional ability and rigorous attitude. At the same time, he has made great achievements in many domestic and foreign design competitions.

Wuxing Youxing Space Design

Wuxing Youxing Space Design was founded by Mr. Wei Zhixue in 2008. The company takes the design of commercial space as the core, explores the integration of architectural design, interior design, commercial design and landscape design, and provides a precise expression language for brand design and operation with the new mode of resource integration. ”The design realm of "with" and "without" explores the most balanced state between human and space. After years of operation and development, the company now has a design team with an international vision, which is good at abandoning the inertia thinking and creating a cutting-edge and diversified space artistic conception through the real display of the collision and symbiosis of traditional consciousness and contemporary context.