João Faria Mix and Match Seat
Mix and Match Seat is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Mix and Match Seat

Mix and match is an original collection of wooden benches designed mostly for hotels, entrances and commercial buildings. Fun, fresh and edgy could be some of the words to describe these objects that make people smile every time they look and use them. There are three sizes available, six different chairs to choose from and a small table to use with a laptop. In option, each bench can house usb sockets for charging phones and tablets. But the main goal is their endless customization options, almost unlimited, that makes each piece a unique object. Build your own!

Mix and Match Seat
João Faria Mix and Match
João Faria Seat
João Faria design
João Faria design
João Faria

João Faria is an architect from Northern Portugal. After an 18 year activity in architecture and teaching, he has devoted his time to designing objects that really meant something for him. Emotional Objects is born from this passion. He designs objects for his needs and hopes that someone else likes it too. Objects are created from this need and then, the design is taken to its limits, without compromises. João makes its own prototypes and tests its ideas and solution like a sculptor. After testing one or several solutions, its time to choose the best artisans to make it feasible. Manufacturing it's always very limited, mostly due to the design characteristics. First of all, its a labour of love.

Emotional Objects

From unique pieces or limited-edition furniture to custom made wishes, Emotional Objects' design does not follow trends or fashion. Instead, they stand out from the crowd, pushing forward, testing boundaries and never stop innovating. The author proudly sees his objects as future classics. Distinct and timeless objects, with strong ideas and concepts behind them, that will stand the test of time.