Yike Liu Spark Jewelry Stand
Spark Jewelry Stand is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Spark Jewelry Stand

Spark is a family of customized jewelry stand, which consists of a mirror, a base and two stands. “Beyond shine, Brightest star,” as the slogan of Spark, it is inspired by the firework. The scattered sparks naturally work as an exquisite holder for jewelry and mirror. Meanwhile, the various combinations increase the interactivity and creativity of the product. Either served as a base extension or placed on the smaller stand, the mirror creates stunning reflections that become another spotlight. The selection of brass and marble lets the jewelry gloss stand out and recreates a visual enjoyment.

Spark Jewelry Stand
Yike Liu Spark
Yike Liu Jewelry Stand
Yike Liu design
Yike Liu design
Yike Liu

Before becoming a designer, Yike Liu was a member of China Southern Airlines, where she was trained to be observant, thoughtful and cooperative. Today, she is a Product Design majored graduate student at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, USA. Her study interests include product design, user experience design, interface design and design research. Being motivated by the idea of warming the world and bringing people closer with her design, Yiko is glad to devote herself in this meaningful field.

Yike Liu

Yike Liu is a second-year graduate student at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, USA with a keen interest in product design, design research, user experience design and interface design. Throughout three years of work experience in China Southern Airlines, she has been an avid observer, thinker, team collaborator. She believes the design is able to warm the world and bring people closer together.