Nak Boong Kim Lido Expandable Table
Lido Expandable Table is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Lido Expandable Table

The Lido folds into a small rectangular box. When folded, it serves as a storage box for small items. If they lift the side plates, joint legs project out from the box and Lido transforms into a tea table or a small desk. Likewise, if they completely unfold the side plates on both sides, it transforms into a large table, with the upper plate having width of 75 Cm. This table can be used as a dining table, especially in Korea and Japan where sitting on the floor while dining is a common culture.

Lido Expandable Table
Nak Boong Kim Lido
Nak Boong Kim Expandable Table
Nak Boong Kim design
Nak Boong Kim design
Kim Nak Boong Institute of wooden furniture

KNB Institute studies and manufactures wooden furniture in seoul, south korea. It is usually made by handcraft of solid hardwood. It also pursues a modern minimal design based on oriental style, along with practicality. After receiving the order, make it. They are producing small quantities and limited in quantity.