Mimaya Dale Ohgi Ring
Ohgi Ring is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Ohgi Ring

Mimaya Dale, the designer of the Ohgi ring has delivered a symbolic message with this ring. Her inspiration of the ring came from positive meanings that Japanese folding fans have and how much they are loved in the Japanese culture. She uses 18K Yellow gold and a sapphire for the material and they bring out luxurious aura. Moreover, the folding fan sits on a ring in an angle which give a unique beauty. Her design is a unity between East and West.

Ohgi  Ring
Mimaya Dale Ohgi
Mimaya Dale Ring
Mimaya Dale design
Mimaya Dale design
Mimaya Dale

Mimaya Dale was born and raised in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. She now lives in B.C, Canada. She has always been artistic. Her style of designing is a collaboration between east and west because that is who she is. Designing jewelry gives her the freedom to express her thoughts and also gives her a chance to introduce hidden messages that were unwritten. Her strength is to be able to read deeper meanings in traditional objects, such as in traditional Japanese symbolism, and incorporate them with her unconventional style.

Mimidale Designs

MIMIDALE DESIGNS brand concept is East meets West, Jewelry with Japanese symbolic meanings. Mimaya Dale, the founder of MIMIDALE DESIGNS focuses on understanding deeper meanings behind everything that she sees. She wanted to create an alternative design to the designs that she felt were just another piece of jewelry. She started to design new concept of jewelry; jewelry that tells a story. By seamlessly connecting clients/customers to her jewelry, she makes jewelry more meaningful, creating cultural awareness and delivering positive symbolic messages.