Cai Shang Yunxi Characteristic Restaurant
Yunxi Characteristic Restaurant is Platinum Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Yunxi Characteristic Restaurant

This project is a fashionable restaurant. The owner hopes that the space can not only meet demands of daily restaurant, but also can be used as the place to hold parties. The designer regards water elements as space theme and regards light as key design elements. Through the interaction between light and materials with different luminosity and transparency, combined with space devices with water element themes, space hierarchy and sense of light and motion unique to water elements are created.

Yunxi Characteristic Restaurant
Cai Shang Yunxi
Cai Shang Characteristic Restaurant
Cai Shang design
Cai Shang design
Cai Shang

Cai Shang , the design director of Chongqing Caishang Interior Design Firm. He is keen on deisgn, loves travelling, advocates the space design of personality, simplicity and nature. He designs a lot of well-known projects such as Yunxi and Yuntu. His ardudous working attitude makes him reliable to his clients. when designing, he mostly use original building materials to create a natural and elegant accommodation environment relying on natural landforms and saves not only cost but aslo creates sense of comfort and joy.


The owner of this project is a designer. In addition to being used as a regular restaurant, the space is also often used as a place for the fashionable to hold parties. Therefore, more expandability and stronger visual impact for the space are required.