Yinghan Jin Goolalang Coding Educational Platform
Goolalang Coding Educational Platform is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Education, Teaching Aid and Training Content Design Award Category.
Goolalang Coding Educational Platform

Now that programming education has become a global hotspot, programming education in the kindergarten stage deserves the attention of the society. Goolalang App is a programming platform for illiterate children and also new drag-and-drop programming language. Thanks to Goolalang programming blocks, children can write stories and make animations. A series of courses are prepared to help children learn to program.

Goolalang Coding Educational Platform
Yinghan Jin Goolalang
Yinghan Jin Coding Educational Platform
Yinghan Jin design
Yinghan Jin design
Yinghan Jin

I am a member of the start-up company Hangzhou Maiyike Technology Co., Ltd. Our company comes from the academic organization of Zhejiang University and is committed to developing STEAM educational software for children. We hope that children can grow up in an environment full of imagination and happiness, which can be better realized with today's technology and products. To provide children with a better educational environment, every effort is meaningful.


Goolalang's mission is to help illiterate children around the world learn to program to make up for the lack of computer science education in kindergarten. Goolalang is committed to building a programming learning platform so that even illiterate children can write vivid stories, design interesting animations and express their own ideas through programming. These creative activities are no longer just for older children, but also for young children. The Goolalang programming learning platform follows the CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards and conforms to the psychological and intellectual development of young children.