Nathan Fell Bienville Duplex
Bienville Duplex is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Bienville Duplex

Logistics of this working family required them to be home indoors for long periods, which in addition to work and school became disruptive to their wellness. They began to contemplate, like many families, whether a move to the suburbs, exchanging proximity to city amenities for a larger backyard to increase outdoor access was necessary. Rather than moving far away, they decided to build a new house that would reconsider the limitations of indoor home life on a small urban lot. The organizing principle of the project was to create as much outdoor access from communal areas as possible.

Bienville Duplex
Nathan Fell Bienville
Nathan Fell Duplex
Nathan Fell design
Nathan Fell design
Nathan Fell

An American Architect with over 20 years design experience in a wide range of project types. Project designs accept the American ideal of space, but reconfigured and distilled to favor an urban lifestyle.

Nathan Fell Architecture

Nathan Fell Architecture was established in 2019 to allocate more attention to smaller projects including residential. Very large institutional and commercial projects tend to value innovation and durability more than smaller project do, but they extract resources away from design to more clerical and technical needs. Smaller projects on the other hand typically lack in technical development, but they generally allow for more thought implementation of design and detail throughout. The goal of Nathan Fell Architecture is to establish a diverse mix of project types and project sizes that allow for a learning and improvement of all projects. Designers in the studio will work on all project types rather than be stuck in specialist studios partitioned within the firm. Nathan Fell Architecture considers an approach to Modern design that is Humanistic. Advancement of building materials, construction techniques and design process require a modern language for Architecture to establish meaning and context about this condition. This requires these advancements to be viewed virtues that can create a hospitable warm, inviting livable designs where the occupants are considered first, but the Architecture is built to last. Nathan Fell has designed and managed myriad project types including hospitality, institutional, primary education, university classrooms, lab buildings, offices, residential, apartments, condominiums, healthcare, and mercantile. These varied experiences have proved beneficial for the cross pollination of ideas that go beyond conventional assumptions. His approach is to seek opportunities through unbridled optimism. He believes that architecture justifies big ideas, not only by practical use, but by the joy that well-considered spaces can evoke. From pre design through construction, Nathan’s enthusiasm, dedication, and attention to detail ensures successful project delivery.