Dana Freud Amsalem Leisure Website
Amsalem Leisure Website is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Amsalem Leisure Website

Amsalem Leisure design concept was creating a desirable experience, using an inviting and aesthetic ecosystem. The heart of this project was hand-selected photos of the destinations which try to invoke a sense of longing but attainability as well. Illustrations were personally made in order to create an appealing feeling. Also, significantly large typography was used to emphasize the search field and make it a key element of the home page.

Amsalem Leisure Website
Dana Freud Amsalem Leisure
Dana Freud Website
Dana Freud design
Dana Freud design
Dana Freud

Holds a bachelor's degree in industrial design from HIT academy. Lead product designer at XRHealth, VR/AR telehealth platform. Comes with a multi-year background in user experience design and interface design. Former editor in chief of the leading magazine in Israel "Pixel Perfect". Part of WE Israel's core group, a platform of support and promotion women of the UX community in Israel. Proud mother of two wonderful children.

Dana Freud

Dana Freud is a lead product designer at XRHealth - VR/AR tele-health platform. She is a highly creative and multitalented designer with extensive experience in user experience and interface design. Dana acted as a writer and editor at Israel's leading web and digital design blog "Pixel Perfect Magazine" and performed voluntarily mentoring in the Israeli UI/UX community.