Weimo Feng Feiliyundi Sales Center
Feiliyundi Sales Center is Platinum Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Feiliyundi Sales Center

A good design work will arouse people's emotion. The designer jumps out of the traditional style memory and puts a new experience in the magnificent and futuristic space structure. An immersive environmentalism experience hall is built through the careful placement of artistic installations, clear movement of space and decorative surface paved by materials and colors. Being in it is not only a return to nature, but also a beneficial journey.

Feiliyundi Sales Center
Weimo Feng Feiliyundi
Weimo Feng Sales Center
Weimo Feng design
Weimo Feng design
Weimo Feng

Founder of MOD Architecture Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Master of Architecture of Paris E.S.A (Ecole Sp├ęciale d'Architecture) and Chinese Outstanding Youth of Design of 2016-2017 40 UNDER 40. Feng Weimo once studies in France and worked in Ateliers Jean Nouvel. He went back China in 2011 and founded MOD. MOD, as a company that actively develops in many fields, has attracted a group of enthusiastic, talented and imaginative designers with different cultural backgrounds to jointly promote innovative projects.


Founded in Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as MOD), Moshe architectural design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive design team composed of more than 70 young and cutting-edge designers with diversified specialties. MOD focuses on the development of cross-border projects in interior design, soft decoration design, urban renewal and related fields. As a company with active development in many fields, mod has attracted a group of enthusiastic and talented designers with different cultural backgrounds to jointly promote innovative projects. MOD 's design works fully consider the environment and culture where the project is located, as well as the design vision and operability. From the design concept to the final result, the quality of each link is strictly controlled, and the overall situation and details are equally important. Combined with years of design experience, mod has the opportunity to undertake the design of hotel space, office space, commercial space, residential space and club space of various scales. MOD has a strong interest in integrated projects that can integrate various fields. It is helpful to create a more complete and coordinated work, with passion, pay attention to the process, and fully understand the significance of natural and social environment in the design. MOD aims to actively add vitality to the city where the project is located.