Hong Li Chengdu Gift Retail Space
Chengdu Gift Retail Space is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Chengdu Gift Retail Space

The appearance of this case is designed around the concept of box. The frame of the exhibition hall is a domed space, which is composed of white metal plates in the shape of Ginkgo leaves and is full of Chengdu's urban cultural characteristics. The pink counter is listed orderly on the green floor tiles. At the end of the exhibition hall is the reception hall for customers to enjoy tea. The design of the reception desk is in the shape of Western Sichuan folk house with blue bricks and grey tiles, showing the unique tea house culture of the city with the reputation of leisure capital.

Chengdu Gift Retail Space
Hong Li Chengdu Gift
Hong Li Retail Space
Hong Li design
Hong Li design
Hong Li

Li Hong, a member of China Arts and Crafts Arts Association. A member of Sichuan Arts Association. Representing chief designer of DINO ZOLI ´╣áC-SRL China Region. Chairman of the board of Global Pioneer Design Association Chengdu Section. She wrote a book Design is very simple.

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Li Hong Design Studiowas established on 2016. It is a design company consisting of a group of young and energetic designers. With its unique and distinct design point of view and execution, it has won the recognition of many customers. Since the establishment of Li Hong Design Studio, it has focused on many fields of interior space design projects, including hotel, office, restaurant, commercial and real estate projects, with different scales and styles.