Naai-Jung Shih Moon Table Light
Moon Table Light is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 3D Printed Forms and Products Design Award Category.
Moon Table Light

This light plays an active role to accompany people in a working space from morning to the night. It was designed with people working environment in mind. The wire can be connected to a laptop computer or a power bank. The shape of the moon was made of three quarters of a circle as a rising icon from a terrain image made of stainless frame. The surface pattern of the moon reminds the landing guide in a space project. The setting looks like a sculpture in the daylight and a light device that comforts the tense of work at night.

Moon Table Light
Naai-Jung Shih Moon
Naai-Jung Shih Table Light
Naai-Jung Shih design
Naai-Jung Shih design
Naai-Jung Shih

on the verge of academics and professional practice, educator and designer; a translator on behalf of 3D scan and RP

Naai-Jung Shih

He is a professor from the Department of Architecture, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. He instructs a number of courses like design studio, three-dimensional scan, and RP in architecture. He publishes research papers and enjoys creative design works for years.