Binglin Liu To Neutralize Display Sales
To Neutralize Display Sales is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
To Neutralize Display Sales

With the modern simple design style, this project shows a sense of superior and extravagant in a low profile. Use high-grade gray as the main color, with gray blue and indigo as the embellishment to create a quiet place away from heavy business. Pursue the "harmony" of everything and Heaven and Earth will be in the right positions and all things will be nourished and flourish.

To Neutralize Display Sales
Binglin Liu To Neutralize
Binglin Liu Display Sales
Binglin Liu design
Binglin Liu design
Binglin Liu

Liu Binglin, founder and art director of WSD design, In-Service Master of French National Institute of technology, interior and soft clothing designer. Although art and design is not his major, he still try to combine culture, art, demand and design. The real design of a project is good at using various techniques to create any new work with the eyes of ordinary viewers. Pay attention to the every project with creativity and comment them from perspective of consumers.

Shenzhen Wushe Interior Design Co., Ltd.

WSD is a new design team built by a group of post-80s interior designers. Its core team was established in 2007; a private house full-case company was established in 2011-One Creative, and an interior design company-Wu She Design in 2015; Established furniture brand-B & G House; members of the entire team, both experienced corporate team managers, designers with a brilliant design career, developers with more than ten years of art research and development, and those engaged in art research Senior scholar. The company is engaged in a one-stop industrial chain from interior design, soft furnishing design and furnishing, landscape design to interior decoration, soft furnishing product manufacturing and supply; later development will be extended to product original production to industry training and sales integration. Its direct subsidiaries are temporarily operated by three major companies. At the same time, Beijing, Hangzhou, Yinchuan and other places have professional design and construction institutions under which WSD • Wu She shares or holds.