Xiaokai Li Rt Stool or Sidetable
Rt Stool or Sidetable is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Rt Stool or Sidetable

Rt is a minimalist piece of furniture designed by Hangzhou designer Li Xiaokai. The design is inspired by Chinese tangram. Rt is composed of two right-angle aluminum plates of the same size, and a right-angle wooden block. The designer hopes that users may easily assemble and disassemble the present product. Through its particular design, Rt will appear both strong and simple to the eye; its structure is solid, and it will offer different visual effects when viewed from different angles.

Rt  Stool or Sidetable
Xiaokai Li Rt
Xiaokai Li Stool or Sidetable
Xiaokai Li design
Xiaokai Li design
Xiaokai Li

OBJECT SYSTEM was founded by Mr. Li Xiaokai in Hangzhou, China. The brand focuses on the contemporary, daily, fun and inner logic of product design.

Object System

OBJECT SYSTEM was founded by Li Xiaokai in Hangzhou, China. As an experimental and innovative independent design brand, OBJECT SYSTEM explores through a series of experimental studies the possibilities offered materials and forms present in our daily life. The design and development of each product are based on purity and authenticity. The existence of each kind of object has its own internal mechanism, and OBJECT SYSTEM reveals this phenomenon through product construction. OBJECT SYSTEM strives to establish a reliable relationship between people and objects through design and research from an international perspective, and aims at improving current social relations and environmental issues.