Heitor Lobo Campos Pluto Task Lamp
Pluto Task Lamp is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Pluto Task Lamp

Pluto keeps the focus firmly on style. Its compact, aerodynamic cylinder is orbited by an elegant handle perched over an angled tripod base, making it easier to position with its soft-but-focused light with precision. Its form was inspired by telescopes, but instead, it seeks to focus on the earth instead of the stars. Made with 3d printing utilizing corn-based plastics, it is unique, not only for using 3d printers in an industrial fashion, but also eco-friendly.

Pluto Task Lamp
Heitor Lobo Campos Pluto
Heitor Lobo Campos Task Lamp
Heitor Lobo Campos design
Heitor Lobo Campos design
Heitor Lobo Campos

Heitor is a product designer from Brasília. He has worked on a variety of projects—bikes, watches, washing machines, lights, and more—and his designs often reflect a sense of peace and joy. He is a believer in beauty. “I try to make product as pretty as it is functional,” he says. “Of course, function is king, as that is what the product is for after all. But there is no excuse for a bland design, whether you want to or not everything that is designed has a style.”


Gantri is a San Francisco startup that seeks to empower designers by helping them develop their own lighting designs. It facilitates the designers by reducing the amount of time and money that they spend on manufacturing and testing. Their Create Hub allows designers from all over the world to submit their unique designs and have fully functional products manufactured. It takes a fraction of the time vs traditional methods, and is completely free to use for any designers. The Gantri marketplace offers lamps manufactured on a "just in time" basis. Their process is drastically efficient - which is better for the planet and the final price.