Idan Herbet E Drum Kinetic Electronic Drums Show
E Drum Kinetic Electronic Drums Show is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
E Drum Kinetic Electronic Drums Show

Inspired by a gyrosphere. the show combines a number of elements that together create an extraordinary experience. The installation changes its shape and creates a dynamic environment for the drummer to perform in. Edrum breaks the barrier between sound light and space, each note translates into light.

E Drum Kinetic Electronic Drums Show
Idan Herbet E Drum
Idan Herbet Kinetic Electronic Drums Show
Idan Herbet design
Idan Herbet design
Idan Herbet

Idan defines himself as a ‘man of the people’. He is very influenced by his surroundings and loves to give back through design and well-doing. One of Idan’s biggest motivations are his emotions, learning to control and take advantage of them has allowed him to maintain a happier, optimistic lifestyle. Through this he has learned that his vantage points are in his actions, and he strives to improve every day as designer and as a human being, enjoy the moment and appreciate the journey.

Teta Music , Cochavi&Klein

The product was made in collaboration for 2 customers: Cochavi Klein & Teta Music Cochavi Klein: creates artistic ambiance light design solutions for the private and corporate architectural sectors,light installations, theatre, rock shows, private & corporate events. Teta Music: Records professional music company in Israel in the field of dance and electronic music.