Christos Yordamlis Loover Sofa
Loover Sofa is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Loover Sofa

Assemblage is what makes this sofa iconic; its individual elements, separate and detachable, are toollessly assembled without adversely affecting structural stability and robustness. This greatly facilitates toolless the sofa assembling and disassembling without any screws, nails, pegs, glue or any other component. That means that it can be transported or stored without difficulties. Also it provides a lot of combinations between wood textures, colors of metal base and fabrics.

Loover Sofa
Christos Yordamlis Loover
Christos Yordamlis Sofa
Christos Yordamlis design
Christos Yordamlis design
Christos Yordamlis

Christos Yordamlis, Civil Engineer and Designer, has been actively engaged in the designing and constructing of furniture. His intense, observant ability and designing excitability drive him to a continuous search of novel ideas. He draws inspiration from any geometrical shape seen in nature and this results in the creation of functional and elegant pieces of furniture, fit both for your home as well as a work area. His aim and goal is innovative patterns, seen through a cutting edge sense of style, with raw materials of excellent quality and utmost respect towards the consumer and the environment.