Ai Ling Tian Sunny Chinese House Residence
Sunny Chinese House Residence is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Sunny Chinese House Residence

The project adopts the structural layout of Chinese architecture and Chinese design elements to create a distinctive Chinese traditional home atmosphere. At the same time, it provides more sufficient natural lighting and improves the traditional Chinese furniture, creating a more comfortable living experience.

Sunny Chinese House Residence
Ai Ling Tian Sunny Chinese House
Ai Ling Tian Residence
Ai Ling Tian design
Ai Ling Tian design
Ai Ling Tian

She is Tian ailing, from Chongqing, China. She is the design director and brand planner of Chongqing 12 Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd.Introduce the elements of ancient classics into contemporary space, express artistry by means of contradiction collision, combine the life attitude of traditional and modern philosophy, collide with new content belonging to future interest, redefine classics, and express dreamlike emotional space with appeal.

Chongqing shierfen Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd

"It is advisable to drink wine and grow old with your son. The Qin and the zither are in control. It's better to be quiet. " From the book of songs · Guofeng · Zhengfeng, the female said Jiming, which means to raise a glass of wine together with you and live with you forever. How happy it is for us to play zither and increase our drinking! Take this beautiful metaphor to the owner and his wife I appreciate.