TONG WEN Terark Visual Identity Design
Terark Visual Identity Design is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Terark Visual Identity Design

It is always challenging to design a brand new visual identity which stands out from all the competitors and demonstrates the business nature of the company. Qualitative research was always valued in her design process. She conducted user interviews and based on the mass audience feedback, she kept iterating the design approaches and validating the result. As a result, she delivered the final design which was astonishing and brilliant.

Terark Visual Identity Design
TONG WEN Visual Identity Design
TONG WEN design
TONG WEN design

Tong Wen is a multidisciplinary designer, who has rich design experience in graphic design, interaction design and product design. She constantly releases articles relating to design thought process about both business products and consumer products to inspire other designers in that field. She believes the mission of the designer is to find out and depict what people want by graphic, animation or interactive work.

Tong Wen

Tong Wen is a designer who is specialized in graphic design, branding design and interface design. She has rich experience in tackling various kinds of design challenges. The client is a database technology company who would love to improve their branding to increase their recognition in the market. Tong Wen knows branding, values branding. She leveraged her professional design skills to help the client achieve their business goals.