Jackie Lai White Home Residential House
White Home Residential House is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
White Home Residential House

Inspired by the block-buster Sci-Fi movie 'The Passengers', this unit was well designed with monochromatic white color palette in contour lines in sophisticated fittings. The result was done with refined elegance with amazing visual environment of immersive and experiential experience with the help of technology. Incorporated with Smart Home, wireless lighting system that lets the user to create the right ambiance for every moment. This is the space where space, interior, furniture, media, user interaction and technology were integrated together.

White Home Residential House
Jackie Lai White Home
Jackie Lai Residential House
Jackie Lai design
Jackie Lai design
Jackie Lai

I have been a design entrepreneur for the last decade and for every single day, I am thinking how design can help me change the way I do business and to create an impact for my personal development – which is to be open to learning and trying new things out. I have been working in teams where most of the time I am the only designer. It is not easy but I learned to deal with others’ perspectives. I have to communicate my ideas more simply and to see much more clearly what I can uniquely contribute as a designer. I am glad I have evolved to become a mentor to many designers whom I groomed and started their own practice.

Mr Chow

The residential unit belongs to a family of three. Head of family, Mr Chow and wife, Christie and a daughter in college. Jackie is the fourth interior designer whom the owner of the residential finally found. The previous three interior designers refused to take up the project as the owner’s expectation is highly challenging and there are very limited craftsmen locally that can fulfil the task. Jackie decided to take up the project without second thought to accept the challenge. Extended amount of time is spent on research and inspirations from Zaha Hadid to create the perfect form and interviewing the right craftsmen to do it. The process faced rejection as no craftsmen claimed they cannot achieved the standard as it seems like as impossible task for them. Having only use White offered the cruel fact that no flaws can be hidden. Multiple challenges lie in the uses of different materials to maintain the constant tonality, minimizing colour differences as small as possible, bold tones of grey are added to provide the contrast needed to break away the ‘clinic’ look. Simplicity, in the use of material and yet has an incredibly strong attitude towards its context. The design of the whole space has broken through the traditional home stay for conventional furniture among the norms of mainstream residential interiors in Singapore. The walls are reconfigured to make it spatially efficient with a strong identity that sets it apart from its neighbouring residential units. The spatial impression is simple in form, yet bold in personality. The spatial organisation is simple, and one can be easily guided by the impression of the streamlined shapes of the walls