myStromer Ag St5 S-Pedelec
St5 S-Pedelec is Platinum Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
St5 S-Pedelec

Speed-Pedelecs are myStromer AG's core business and the premium class is their aspiration. If they feel commercially available components don’t fit their technological or esthetic concept, they develop the components themselves or have them manufactured precisely to their requirements. With the ST5, myStromer AG has taken design integration to a new level. There are hardly any visible cables, and even the handlebar, the electronics-intensive control center of the ST5, is completely clean. The battery is integrated in the downtube – this has always been the case on myStromer AG's e-bikes and they were the first manufacturer to do so.

St5 S-Pedelec
myStromer Ag St5
myStromer Ag S-Pedelec
myStromer AG

Stromer stands for contemporary mobility with inspiring dynamics and design. With our typical Swiss joy in innovation and engineering, we are always aiming for the greatest precision and quality– high-value, efficient, inspiring and smart.