Tairan Li Toodo Oral Hygiene Cleaning Device
Toodo Oral Hygiene Cleaning Device is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design Award Category.
Toodo Oral Hygiene Cleaning Device

Toodo is an oral hygiene device designed for the 18 to 40 age group to deliver a different oral cleaning experience by comprehensive use of the device. Through the combination of technology and material to illustrate full oral hygiene is not only cleaning teeth. Toodo provides a well-rounded solution for teeth whitening, gum and enamel care and breath refreshing. Beyond the teeth, the mindset of taking good care of the oral cavity is rapidly growing. As a result, oral hygiene is evolving to be a sensual expression of fashion and life attitude.

Toodo Oral Hygiene Cleaning Device
Tairan Li Toodo
Tairan Li Oral Hygiene Cleaning Device
Tairan Li design
Tairan Li design
Tairan Li

As an Industrial designer, Tairan values the emotional connection established between men and objects. Drawing and modeling connect him to his childhood to be able to understand the world around him through a different scope. In addition, being a well-rounded designer is also his goal; as a result, he co-founded Panacea Lab, INC to become a young entrepreneur with an industrial design background aim to deliver the next generation of personal care experience for people. He believes design not only serves a single problem-solving purpose but also elevates the definition of the object which to further emotionally connect with users.

Panacea Lab

Panacea Lab is a company that focuses on personal health care product design; the company was established in 2017 in New York state, and the office address is located in Cambridge Innovation Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Toodo is an oral hygiene device the company first developed and design for personal care.