HCD IMPRESS Xi’an Legend Chanba Willow Shores Sales Center
Xi’an Legend Chanba Willow Shores Sales Center is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Xi’an Legend Chanba Willow Shores Sales Center

The design combine the northeast folk with the gentleness and grace in order to let life tolerant. The smart design and compact layout extend the interior architecture. The designer uses simple and international deisgn skills with pure elements and plain materials, which make the space natural, leisurely and unique. The design is a sales center with 600 square meters, it aims to design a modern oriental vocation sales center, which make the resident’s heart quiet and discard away the outside noisy. Keep slow and enjoy the beauty life.

Xi’an Legend Chanba Willow Shores Sales Center
HCD IMPRESS Xi’an Legend Chanba Willow Shores
HCD IMPRESS Sales Center

Hong Kong Century Design Co., Ltd, HCD for short, is a professional design studio, which is committed to serving for the high-end interior design and consulting, specializing in high-end model houses, sales offices villas, fine decoration standard for business, clubs, offices, hotels , etc. and offering integrated and professional design services of interior design and interior display. Based on customized concept and idea of adding business value, we deeply understand the customers’ brand image and company culture, through adding novel design element in the process of creation for every project and presenting and improving brand value of the business in order to achieve long-term cooperation and mutual benefit. they have finished the perfect work case one after another. By hanging onto every detail and focusing on every project, they strive for combing shape with function perfectly to create a heart moving space.


Established in 2011 in Shenzhen, Legend Investment (Legend) takes the real estate development and the building of cultural resorts, historical and cultural blocks as the core business. From the sales volume of RMB900 million in 2011 to RMB23.4 billion in 2016, Legend has won the honor of ranking 68th in the TOP100 sales volume of Chinese real estate enterprises in 2016, successfully realizing its brand building. Up to now, Legend’s businesses have entered 15 cities, making Investment , development and Agent construction of more than 30 projects, and doing the cumulative development area of about 6 million square meters.