MOLLY The Gemini Rebirth Interchangeable Footwear
The Gemini Rebirth Interchangeable Footwear is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design Award Category.
The Gemini Rebirth Interchangeable Footwear

This unique design is constructed utilizing a pointed-toe and 100mm heels to define the desired structure and allure. Embellished with care, the product uses clean-cut silhouettes and meticulous chrome closure mechanisms to translate the authenticity with which the pair can be altered with absolute ease. Meshing smooth and grainy premium leather with a technical understanding of hardware placement, The Gemini Rebirth offers flexibility to completed design outlines.

The Gemini Rebirth Interchangeable Footwear
MOLLY The Gemini Rebirth
MOLLY Interchangeable Footwear
MOLLY design
MOLLY design

Molly is a brand that was created in 2018 by an energetically motivated footwear lover and enthusiast. The brand prides itself on boldly embracing life's challenges and experiences in order to create innovative and eccentric footwear. As a newly established footwear company, Molly constructs novel designs by merging binary ideas in a manner that produces beauty and functionalism. Furthermore, Molly aims to provide an authentic, yet playful take on footwear silhouettes and fulfil its due diligence in a manner that allows for the development of and contributions to local community programs in the African footwear industry.


Molly is a registered Canadian footwear brand that embodies the persona of its creator and designer, Wonu Adeshina. The company caters to the diverse and open-minded individual who remains bold, fearless and willing to take on new life challenges. Molly offers customized hand-crafted designs to clientele in need of eccentric, cutting-edge styles for personal or commercial purposes.