gad Lougang City CBD for Taihu
Lougang City CBD for Taihu is Platinum Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Urban Planning and Urban Design Award Category.
Lougang City CBD for Taihu

The project aims to design a new central business district for Huzhou. Its design is inspired and well integrated with local traditional ecological system. On the southern bank of taihu lake, The new internal lake provides quality waterfront public spaces. At the heart of the district, there are two pedestrian skywalks connecting the new railway station, the skyscraper and the exhibition park, while separating the vehicular traffic from pedestrians. The new urban environment is harmonized with nature, creating a balance between the urban developments and its landscape.

Lougang City CBD for Taihu
gad Lougang City
gad CBD for Taihu
gad design
gad design
Huzhou City Investment&Development Group

Huzhou City Investment & Development Group Co., Ltd. (Huzhou City Investment & Development Group), founded in May 2016, is a modern and large state-owned enterprise group approved by Huzhou Municipal People’s Government. Besides, it is also a wholly state-owned limited liability company owned by Huzhou City. The group has 12 subordinate-level affiliates including Fangzong, Shi Shuiwu, Huzhou Urban Construction Investment Co., Ltd., Zhongfang, Asset, Market, People’s Health Care, Xin’ao Gas and Xiexing Investment, etc. These affiliates engage in urban infrastructure investment, construction, operation and management, development of commercial residential buildings, people’s livelihood guarantee, financial investment, etc. with RMB 8 billion yuan of the registered capital. Since its foundation, Huzhou City Investment & Development Group has upheld its corporate spirit of “Building up a brand, Leading the industry, Pursuing quality team”. The group has actively focused on four aspects such as infrastructure, real estate, livelihood and finance and engaged in eight industries including medical, food, housing, transportation, health, entertainment, industry and finance. The group hopes to be the best state-owned capital investment platform at the municipal level in China.