Yuannan Xu Fujian Countryside Scenic Spot
Fujian Countryside Scenic Spot is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Urban Planning and Urban Design Award Category.
Fujian Countryside Scenic Spot

The project is located in Pucheng City, Fujian Province, a mountainous area with a high altitude, as if it could touch the clouds at any time. Therefore, it was named 'Above the Clouds', and the softness and streamline of the clouds also became the inspiration for the design. The overall layout plan of the resort is based on the current situation, the planning background, the development goals, its positioning, spatial layout, land usage distribution and other aspects.

Fujian Countryside Scenic Spot
Yuannan Xu Fujian Countryside
Yuannan Xu Scenic Spot
Yuannan Xu design
Yuannan Xu design
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