Coreintive Seotun Saram Mobile UX UI
Seotun Saram Mobile UX UI is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award Category.
Seotun Saram Mobile UX UI

The project created a fairy tale that metaphorically describes the consultation process for those who are not familiar with counseling. The warm and comfortable atmosphere of fairy tales will be conveyed to those who use the service. This shows identity not only in material brand identity but also in UXUI interface.

Seotun Saram Mobile UX UI
Coreintive Seotun Saram
Coreintive Mobile UX UI
Coreintive design
Coreintive design

Beyond the beauty-seeking design, I want to find the value that clients are looking for and include in the design. The mission to realize the creative value that has the core value is my core value. As a creative partner, I want to convey the value of the brand to the world.

Seotun Saram

The 'Seotunsaram' started out with a desire to introduce quality counseling. In Korea's psychological counseling infrastructure, There are two weaknesses. One is that a lot of unqualified counseling centers and the other is a negative perception of counseling. Although people are complaining of psychological pain, policies and perceptions are still lacking. Seotunsaram wanted to enable clients to get skilled counseling in a safer setting. 'Seotunsaram' means someone who is not familiar or skilled yet. Their slogan, 'Everyone Starts clumsy', is a message of hope and comfort. They tried to convey warmth and give the right direction for counseling.