Chengzhe Zhang Wonderland Exhibition
Wonderland Exhibition is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Wonderland Exhibition

The narrative of Wonderland is the most profound. In the modern urban environment, the industrialized environment has been separated from the natural environment. With the design of the reception space of the Shanghai Royals Garden Exhibition Center, IADC Designer Chengzhe Zhang aims to regain the ideal space of cultural heritage and create a natural and spiritual living space with modern design features.

Wonderland Exhibition
Chengzhe Zhang Wonderland
Chengzhe Zhang Exhibition
Chengzhe Zhang design
Chengzhe Zhang design
Chengzhe Zhang

Chengzhe Zhang The Founder and Chief Designer of “IADC Designers, Ltd” Personal works have been published in many professional and fashionable magazines both at home and abroad. Writes and publishes a design portfolio named ‘Space of ZheSi’ Over the years, Alessio Zhang has been committed to creating an interdisciplinary design platform.

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Shanghai Hongshida Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and has more than ten years of development experience in Shanghai. Its representative work - Dongcheng Time Huating has a high reputation in Huinan Town, Pudong District, and has become a classic building with benchmarking significance in design and quality. It has won the Shanghai Quality Engineering Structure Award. For the heart and excellence, Hongshida adheres to the integrated development and management model, from the early market research, land development, project planning, architectural and landscape innovation design, to the hiring of professional property management companies, all aspects are close Cohesion, demanding fine standards in the construction process, and checking the quality inspection links to ensure excellent quality and improve development efficiency and progress. Therefore, the advantages of cost, quality and speed have become the magic weapon for Hongshida's real estate leading market. The company brings together many elite talents in the industry. With rich experience in real estate development and the competition of many powerful partners, the wings are gradually full and the strength is getting stronger. It will be flying high in the Pudong District. At the same time, the company continuously introduces modern management and operation concepts, and promotes the development of refined and diversified businesses to lay the cornerstone for the future growth of large-scale integrated companies. Driven by an open mindset and inclusive ideas, the company efficiently integrates resources, uses advanced development models to promote sustainable development, and continues to grow bigger and stronger in advancing with the times.