Davide Diliberto Robot Door Handle
Robot Door Handle is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Accessories, Hardware and Materials Design Award Category.
Robot Door Handle

Robot door handle is designed like a micro architecture, where each part performs a specific function. Its shape reminds a simple profile from which surfaces extend and rotate to ensure the right grip and comfort for the palm and the thumb. The overall design deliberately keeps visible the transformation process, helps the handle to fuse together with the architectural environment and reduces the amount of brass needed. The transformation concept is extended to the whole range, including a special pull handle with a large plate designed for shop doors.

Robot Door Handle
Davide Diliberto Robot
Davide Diliberto Door Handle
Davide Diliberto design
Davide Diliberto design
Davide Diliberto

Davide Diliberto is an industrial designer focusing on the shape of a product as the most relevant aspect, the core of its aesthetic. Their products often should be looked closely, designed with a delicate touch and defined by details. He looks for integration with the environment and the architecture, rather than products too noticeable. His goal is to raise the perceived brand image by design and art direction.


Ento is a Salice Paolo brand, a historic door handle and hardware company founded in Cantù, Italy, in 1937, positioned at the top end of the market and distributed in more than 80 countries. It offers full brass, high quality products that interact with the architectural project by distinctive but versatile and long-lasting design.