Konka Industrial Design Team A5 Series Smart TV
A5 Series Smart TV is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Category.
A5 Series Smart TV

The A5 Series Smart TV Committed to creating a new era TV product that combines artistic aesthetics with future technology. It is Inspired by the planet's planetary elements, the styling details are functionally integrated with intelligent hardware devices such as electric rotary speaker is embellished with stars elements, the lifting moon shape camera, and the sun shape sub-screen device.In the process of product realization, it is biggest challenge to ensure the normal mechanical operation of all intelligent hardware devices, and to maintain the integrity and stability of the appearance.

A5 Series  Smart TV
Konka Industrial Design Team A5 Series
Konka Industrial Design Team Smart TV
Konka Industrial Design Team design
Konka Industrial Design Team design

Shenzhen Konka Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., founded in January 2018, whic is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Konka Group, and responsible for the operation of core businesses of Konka Group, such as color TV, smart home products, commercial display interactive devices, etc. Its establishment is to make the color TV business bigger and stronger, take the color TV as the center, take the technological innovation as the driving force, take the mode change as the path, and build an industrial company with global competitiveness.