Olga Takhtarova Winetime Seafood Packaging
Winetime Seafood Packaging is Platinum Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Packaging Design Award Category.
Winetime Seafood Packaging

The packaging design for the Winetime Seafood series should demonstrate the freshness and reliability of the product, should differ it favorably from competitors, be harmonious and understandable. The colors used (blue, white and orange) create a contrast, emphasize important elements and reflect brand positioning. The single unique concept developed distinguishes the series from other manufacturers. The strategy of visual information made it possible to identify the product variety of the series, and the usage of illustrations instead of photos made the packaging more interesting.

Winetime Seafood Packaging
Olga Takhtarova Winetime Seafood
Olga Takhtarova Packaging
Olga Takhtarova design
Olga Takhtarova design
Olga Takhtarova

Has over 14 years of experience in graphic and interior design. Since 2015, she has been working under the SOT B&D (Studio Olga Takhtarova Branding & Design) brand in the field of visual identification, packaging, web design, illustration, and interior design. For 5 years, she has implemented more than 200 projects for clients from Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Russia, UAE, Canada, USA


The company has a unique experience in effectuation of branding, identical, in the development of creative design, corporate identity, graphics, logo creation, packaging and label design, website development - online stores that will guarantee your company a complete and positive perception of the user audience.