Monique Lee Xin Ming Yuen Restaurant
Xin Ming Yuen Restaurant is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Xin Ming Yuen Restaurant

The entrance is a parade of contrasting materials, structures, and colors. The reception area is a space of tranquil comfort. Auspicious patterns encounter playful decorations. Behind is a dynamic bar area within a resting context. Traditional Chinese character Hui pattern led lights adds a sense of futurism. Going through a delicately adorned roofed cloister is the dining area. Decorated with floral, carb fish images, embossed stained glass screens and the ancient herbalist Bai Zi cabinets, it is a visual journey through time and cultural relics in fashion.

Xin Ming Yuen Restaurant
Monique Lee Xin Ming Yuen
Monique Lee Restaurant
Monique Lee design
Monique Lee design
Monique Lee

Monique Lee, Interior Design Director of Mas Studio Ltd., columnist on interior designs for Capital Weekly, Hong Kong. She has a passion for art since childhood and has always aspired to design for spatial comfort and simplicity. Her designs are well received by clients as a blend of inspiration and functionality. With solid knowledge in architecture and interior designs, she started her career working with land developers after getting professional qualifications in her early twenties. Year 2009 is a milestone when she founded her own company to further her design career. In 2013, she got her first accolade with one of her designs in an interior design award. Since then, her designs have been gaining recognition in different design awards.

Xin Ming Yuen

The brand Ming Yuen opened its' first restaurant and served fine restaurant and served fine Cantonese cuisine at the prestigious Hong Kong Parkview residential estate in 1989. Well received by the city celebrities, the brand has opened more restaurants in different cities including Taipei, Taiwan, Nanjing and Beijing, China. After 10 years of experience of serving exquisite dishes in China's Capital, Beijing, the brand was relocated its' current location in July 2019. Situated on the first floor of Parkview Green, a well-known hub of cultural history, contemporary art and fashion, it offers novel experience of taste and vision to their customers.