Rodrigo Kirck Elysium Residence Residential Building
Elysium Residence Residential Building is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Elysium Residence Residential Building

Elysium Residence, located in the south of Brazil, in the coastal city of Itapema. To promote design, the project implemented concepts and values of contemporary architecture and sought to redefine the concept of residential building, bringing experience to its users and the relation with the city. The solution holds the use of scenic lighting, innovative construction systems and the use of parametric design. All technologies and concepts applied to this project aim to transform the future building into an urban icon.

Elysium Residence Residential Building
Rodrigo Kirck Elysium Residence
Rodrigo Kirck Residential Building
Rodrigo Kirck design
Rodrigo Kirck design
Rodrigo Kirck

I am a restless architect and urban planner, always in search of new challenges. In this search for challenges, I try to challenge everything that is obvious and collective, I always work with other professionals, because I believe that creating new solutions are fundamental in processes with other people. My main achievement was to be awarded internationally with a project reusing conteiners, showing that even working in a city in the interior of my country, it is possible to do different and contribute to the production of design and architecture. I contribute to society by producing knowledge as a teacher in postgraduate programs, being a professional adviser in the national architects' autarchy and by always working in teams with professionals, trainees and clients, in a collective and plural manner. I believe that I become an interesting person when positioning myself in a restless way and always want to look for new ways to see the world and solve problems, be they in design or architecture.

Fasolo Construtora

Fasolo Construtora (Fasolo Constructions) is an innovative construction company. The company is always on the run for the best cost-benefit combining the use of modern technologies and sustainability. With a young soul, their expansive success has on their pillars our values, based on human respect and correct conduct. They face challenges with responsibility and boldness. They are a Real estate developer specialized in luxury products on the southern coast of Brazil. With a history of more than 10 years on the market, they have delivered 20 projects in the coastal city of Itapema, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil.