kenji fujii Relax Smartphone Stand
Relax Smartphone Stand is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 3D Printed Forms and Products Design Award Category.
Relax Smartphone Stand

In Japan, the number of smartphone dependents is increasing. There are many children in particular. They can't let go of their smartphone. Keep watching your smartphone screen until you go to bed. It is more likely to cause sleep disorders. The designer wanted to let go of the smartphone and designed an unprecedented smartphone stand. Recommended for people with smartphone addiction. Addictive people don't let go of their smartphones for 24 hours. It will eliminate it a little. Integrate your smartphone and stand. The situation is very humorous. Usage is simple.

Relax Smartphone Stand
kenji fujii Relax
kenji fujii Smartphone Stand
kenji fujii design
kenji fujii design
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