Yi-Lun Hsu Forest Library Interior Design
Forest Library Interior Design is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Forest Library Interior Design

When combining "nature" and "life" in the office space, it creates a comfortable working environment for the design worker. Due to the small area of the single floor, the case does not consider to set up an independent executive office. Each designe worker can enjoy the sunlight and high-rise view because the main office area is placed in the window side. Along the large windows, small couches and cabinets are also available.

Forest Library Interior Design
Yi-Lun Hsu Forest Library
Yi-Lun Hsu Interior Design
Yi-Lun Hsu design
Yi-Lun Hsu design
Yi-Lun Hsu

Ms. Hsu is the founder of Minature Interior Design Ltd. With her professional training on urban scale、architecture scale and interior scale, she continues to think and care more about ecology 、regional culture and reusing of old building She has been awarded with the gold award of 2015-2016 CIDF(China International Design Fair), the bronze award in 2017-2018 of A'Design Award, the silver award of 2018 Berlin Design Award, and the special mention in 2019 of German Design Award.

Minature Interior Design Ltd.

“The harmonious relationship between human and nature” is the concept Minature always persists. We are good at observing the surrounding environment around the building itself. We are also focusing on the plan of circulation and simplifying the interior space and figure. Within the Minature projects, we can see the flow of wind, the reflection of light and shadow, the green connection between indoor and outdoor space and the atmosphere of cleaness, simpliness and natural freshness, which are the essential characteristics of the Minature production.