Natalia Komarova Infinity Armchair
Infinity Armchair is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Infinity Armchair

The main emphasis of the Infinity armchair design is made precisely on the backrest. It is the reference of the infinity symbol - an inverted figure of eight. It is as if it changes its shape when turning, setting the dynamics of the lines and recreating the infinity sign in several planes. The backrest is pulled together by several elastic bands that form an external loop, which also returns to the symbolism of the infinite cyclic of life and balance. An additional emphasis is placed on unique legs-skids that securely fix and support the side parts of the armchair just like clamps do.

Infinity Armchair
Natalia Komarova Infinity
Natalia Komarova Armchair
Natalia Komarova design
Natalia Komarova design
Natalia Komarova

Natalia Komarova is the founder of Alter Ego Studio. The philosophy of her work is based on the idea of creating furniture, lamps and decor alive, filled with the energy of life. That is why in her works there are a lot of rhythms, weaving, bends, rotations, curves and spirals that create the effect of movement. She try to track the actions and reactions that bring vivid emotions. The spectrum of such reactions is quite wide, ranging from a fleeting glance to the exciting force of the wind or surf. The main thing is the concentration is not on static, but movement and change.

Alter Ego Studio

Alter Ego Studio is a young company from St. Petersburg. The studio creates interior, furniture and lighting design. The company's philosophy is based on finding the ideal space for each client. The interior we live in and create affects us, our activity, mood and creativity. Harmonious space, designed for a specific person, allows to reveal its potential and improve the standard of living. When designing furniture and light special attention is paid to the adaptability and universality of the product style, which adapts to different styles of space.