Peng Su Mobile Holder Support
Mobile Holder Support is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Giftware Design Award Category.
Mobile Holder Support

Professional patchwork design, hollowing technology and the processing of the details of the whole architectural graphics carving ensure the overall stability of the product. Professional charging buckle Settings and mobile phone anti-skid design provide customer Security and playfulness. The atmosphere style and fashionable mobile phone bracket is environmentally friendly and durable, with intimate functions, which can be disassembled to travel easily. In leisure work and study, this product can provide necessary help.

Mobile Holder Support
Peng Su Mobile Holder
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Peng Su design
Guanzhong College, Xi'an, China

Guanzhong College (Guanzhong Shuyuan) is located at Shuyuanmen, the ancient cultural street in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. The name of Shuyuanmen (Shuyuan Gate) was derived from Guanzhong College. Established in the Ming dynasty in 1609 by Feng Cong Wu, a renowned philosopher, and a group of scholars, the college used to be crowned one of the top four famous academic institutions in the Ming and Qing dynasties of ancient China. In 1903, Guanzhong College changed its name to “Shaanxi Province First Normal School”, and subsequently there were several changes to its name, even though the school entrance plaque carrying the name “Guanzhong Shuyuan” in Chinese calligraphy, was never pull down and still stands today. The college now serves students from Xi’an University.