mohamed yasser The Square Housing Units
The Square Housing Units is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
The Square Housing Units

The Design idea was to study architectural relations between different shapes that are being composed together to create like moving units. The Project consists of 6 units each one is 2 shipping containers fixed over each other forming an L Shape Mass. these L shaped units are fixed in overlapping positions creating Voids and Solid to give the feeling of movement and to provide sufficient daylight and a good ventilation environment. The main design goal was to create a small house for those who spend the night in the streets with no home or shelter.

The Square Housing Units
mohamed yasser The Square
mohamed yasser Housing Units
mohamed yasser design
mohamed yasser design
mohamed yasser

Ambitious Architect who seeks creativity and innovation in his designs to provide happiness, comfort, and joy. Mohamed Yasser is an architectural Engineer living in a society that has a lot of daily challenges, this what makes him think outside the box for small design ideas that can provide and improve the life status for some people who need help in developing countries and refugees, this is doesn't stop him from working on luxury and innovative ideas in the field of architecture, Mohamed got his master's degree in the influence of nanotechnology in raising healthcare buildings' efficiency but studying the relation between nanotechnology and how it can be embedded and be helpful in the interiors of medical spaces and exteriors too to provide a healthy and clean space. Mohamed is looking forward to being a globally recognized architect and benefit the world with his designs.

Mohamed Yasser Designs

Mohamed Yasser Designs is a junior personal company based in Egypt specialized in architectural designs, artistic graphics and drawing work, and sculpting. The designer architect started his own business with a different vision of design, he wants to be a unique person in his field, he is trying to put his print and his vision to enhance the community he is living in as he has a concern about helping others, this came from a belief that the architect is responsible for every detail in people's lives, because he is the one responsible for the designing, planning, thinking and creating processes for better future, this's what his small firm is trying to accomplish for the future vision