Wally Mau Lvdu Yanmingxu Sales Center
Lvdu Yanmingxu Sales Center is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Lvdu Yanmingxu Sales Center

The project is located in Yanming Lake Scenic Area, Zhengzhou, China. The designer of this case tries to deeply explore the relevance of modernism in the current era and the geographical and cultural contexts, showing the beauty of architecture from the changes of light and shadow, and the more prominent the value in the washing of the years. The space is wide open and full of light, surrounded by layers of greenery. Nature, light, sound and air are the complementary elements at this moment, creating a calm, relaxing and inspiring atmosphere.

Lvdu Yanmingxu Sales Center
Wally Mau Lvdu Yanmingxu
Wally Mau Sales Center
Wally Mau design
Wally Mau design
Wally Mau

Mr. Wally Mau has nearly 20 years'experience in interior design. He leads the team of MaUDEA to the forefront of interior design industry, and guides the development of MAUDEA with his vision, excellence and firm design concept. He has always believed that innovation is based on the perfect imagination of customer needs. Therefore, every contact with a new design project, he will participate from the beginning of the project design, and adhere to the whole process of participation; pay attention to every detail, its rich experience so that many problems can be solved. Mr. Mao Mingjing has maintained good communication and coordination with the cooperative real estate group, fully understood their needs, and achieved the perfect combination of form and function, which has been highly recognized by the owners and the industry.

Maudea Design Studio

Located in Shanghai China, MAUDEA Design was established in 2011 by Mr. Wally Mau . The company is committed to offering internationalized architectural, landscape, graphic and product design services for leading enterprises in many industries in China. The company has projects all over China and has gained many design awards home and abroad, which makes it a design partnership with multi-culture experience. Sticking to the attitude of strictness, MAUDEA Design is aiming at to creating spaces with deep culture deposits and rich emotion and making design a reflection of heart instead of something on the surface to fully deliver the aesthetics. MAUDEA, after a few years of rapid development, the existing team members nearly 60, has more than 50 real estate groups to provide interior design and consultancy services, fully received Vanke, Shimao, Longfor ,China Resources Land, Gemdale Corporation, Sino-Ocean, seazen, CIFI, Road King, C&D, COFCO, Wharf and other top 90 domestic real estate developers highly recognized. In the Asia-Pacific region, the firm also works with world-renowned architects to create highly sophisticated and challenging cutting-edge projects.