Colorado Tripod Company Centennial Photography Tripod
Centennial Photography Tripod is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Camera and Photography Equipment Design Award Category.
Centennial Photography Tripod

Every aspect of the Centennial Tripod has been carefully considered to provide landscape photographers with an intuitive, stable camera support. The primary focus on function and accessible operation eliminated extraneous features and yielded a tripod that looks as smooth as it feels. The precise tolerances achieved from the machining and finishing processes contribute to the fluid movement and reliability of the levers and twist locks. Carbon fiber leg sections blend with anodized aluminum to create a unified, monochromatic style that is understated but still eye-catching.

Centennial  Photography Tripod
Colorado Tripod Company Centennial
Colorado Tripod Company Photography Tripod
Colorado Tripod Company design
Colorado Tripod Company design
Colorado Tripod Company

Colorado Tripod Company designs and manufactures photography equipment with a focus on user experience. Each product is thoughtfully engineered with direct feedback from professionals to improve ergonomics and simplify operation in a wide variety of use cases. Materials and machining methods are chosen carefully to find a balance between durability, weight savings, and feel. Each piece is designed in Denver, Colorado and tested around the world.