HAN LIU Trex Poster
Trex Poster is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Trex Poster

The series of posters are designed for an international academic conference. Compared with other engines nowadays, Trex improves combustion efficiency and reduces the internal loss of energy by radical engine configuration and design. Its Advanced air bearing system improves compressor power by 30% and provides a low emission running. Necessary parts are designed with B-Spline curves and surfaces, contributing to enhancing the airflow efficiency such as the casing, the inlet/outlet air ducts and so on. Like the lotus growing in the pond, Trex is the revolution of traditional engine design.

Trex Poster
HAN LIU Poster
HAN LIU design
HAN LIU design

Han Liu is a PhD candidate at the University of Birmingham. His research is related to the combination of art and engineering. He completed his master degree course at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China. He was the Winner of ‘German Design Award 2019’, Winner of ‘The Red Dot Award 2018’, Winner of ‘A Design Award 2018’, Gold Winner of ‘MUSE Creative Awards 2018’, Winner of ‘The Red Dot Award 2017’, and Gold Winner of ‘MUSE Creative Awards 2017’. He was invited to ‘The 2019 San Jose International Digital Design’, ‘The 2019 Spring International Digital Design Invitation Exhibition’, and ‘The 2018 GIRONA International Digital Design Invitation Exhibition’. His works are included in ‘Joseph Binder Award Book’.

Birmingham High Performance Turbomachinery Limited

Birmingham High Performance Turbomachinery Limited is a high-tech headquartered in the UK. Its business focus has shifted to the development of new high-performance turbo extended range engine, turbocharger, micro engines, air bearing and related products.