Nitin Gurram Foxpat Surgical Trainer
Foxpat Surgical Trainer is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Education, Teaching Aid and Training Content Design Award Category.
Foxpat Surgical Trainer

Foxpat is a reusable training simulator developed to train the surgeons for Oxford Partial Knee Replacement surgery. It is a realistic simulation of a regular patient's knee, integrated with sensors to feedback on the effectiveness of the surgical procedure. With Foxpat, surgeons can individually practice multiple times before operating on a real patient. It provides a safe and realistic environment where surgeons are allowed to use actual tools that are used in the operating room and make mistakes to learn without harming a patient.

Foxpat Surgical Trainer
Nitin Gurram Foxpat
Nitin Gurram Surgical Trainer
Nitin Gurram design
Nitin Gurram design
Nitin Gurram

As an innovator, Nitin took up the challenge of matching evolution of people with revolution of design and technology. With a perfect blend of Engineering and Design, he is motivated towards developing meaningful products to improve the health and lifestyle of people. Nitin graduated with masters in Industrial Design from The Netherlands. He studied Mechanical Engineering in India before moving to The Netherlands. He has a flair for ideas and aptitude with each stage of the process that brings a design to life. His design process takes a user-centered approach following Delft Design methods.

Zimmer Biomet

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